If you have an outdoor seating area or event space for your business, you need to provide some shade for your guests. People won’t last long standing outdoors in the height of an Australian summer!

To make the most of your outdoor space and to ensure it keeps people comfortable and happy, commercial shade sails are a great option. They’re cost effective, easy to maintain, long lasting and can be personalised to fit in with your brand.

Reduce UV Rays Inside Your Business

Heat exhaustion is a real problem when the sun is blazing. An outdoor space that’s uncovered will be blasted with intense heat, making it impossible to stay cool. A commercial shade structure is designed to block the suns UV rays, keeping you cool and comfortable underneath.

Keep an Event Area Shaded and Cool

Do you have an outdoor seated area for your café, restaurant or bar? Are you planning to have live music on an outdoor stage? If you can keep these areas cool, you’ll keep customers hanging around for longer spending more money. Commercial shade sails can be customised in a range of shapes and colours to cover different sized areas.

Reduce Magnified Heat Through Glass

A conservatory area is a unique space to have for your business. The only trouble is, when the sun is at its hottest, it penetrates through glass and magnifies the heat, increasing the intensity. This can make it impossible for people to stay sitting in this area for long, without being overcome by the heat. A commercial shade sail can be placed over the glass to keep the conservatory shaded and cool for customers.

Tailored Designs to Fit in with Your Brand

Branding is extremely important for a business. If customers love it, they’ll come back for more. If they hate it, you’ll likely not see them again. Commercial shade sails can be custom designed to fit in with your branding. Customers will love sitting under our bespoke shade sails and we guarantee they’ll enhance your business image.

Commercial Shade Sails Keep You Busy Year Round

Investing in commercial shade sails makes business sense. By protecting your outdoor spaces and your customers, they’ll keep visiting your business year round. Rain or shine, commercial shade sails keep your outdoor spaces usable and earning money.

Rainbow Shade produce commercial shade sails that have proven longevity and performance. Check out the Z16, DRiZ or Extreme32 which offer the highest protection factors for commercial use. Each one can be modified in a range of styles and colours to suit you. Contact Rainbow Shade for more information on commercial shade sails.