Shade Sails are used in many outdoor public spaces in Australia including; schools, car parks, restaurants, cafes, pools and other commercial properties.

It’s important for everyone young and old to get shade from the suns harsh UV rays, but kids especially need protection as they’re probably not as aware to the dangers of staying out in the sun too long. And even if they are, they’re usually too busy having fun to worry about protecting themselves!

A school shade sail is a cost effective way to protect your children’s play areas, extend the outdoor play space and give a fun design element to the area that kids will love. You can have your shade sail customised to your exact size, shape and colour required, meaning you can keep it in line with school colours if needed.

Protect Children From Harmful UV Rays

A school shade sail is needed if you have outdoor play areas with no built-in shade. Excessive exposure to UV radiation is the biggest cause of skin cancer and with many hours of sun in the Australian summer, school kids need protection from this.

Shade structures can be made to fit an area of your specification perfectly, to cover a playground, a jungle-gym area, walk ways and outdoor pools. The shade cloth used for each shade sail is made from solar protection fabric, so you can have peace of mind young kids are protected from harsh UV rays.

Keep Outdoor Equipment Protected

Harsh UV rays can not only damage skin, but can damage equipment causing it to fade and sometimes crack. A school shade sail can be used to cover outdoor play frames and moveable furniture you don’t always want to carry in and out. A shade structure will prolong the life of your equipment and minimise repair and upkeep costs.

Extend an Outdoor Play Area

You may already have an outdoor play area with a roof over, but it may not be that large. A school shade sail can be added to the side or end of an outdoor covered area, to open up that play area. This can mean more children being able to play outdoors at once and you could even turn the extra space into a themed area or add in new play equipment.

Shade Sails are a Great Investment

Shade structures are a great investment for your school, prolonging the life of your equipment and adding space to outdoor areas without having annoying lengthy building works. Shade sails are flexible and can be moved to different areas if needed and can be customised to school colours. Long-lasting and robust, shade sails are a worthy investment for any school or commercial property.

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