With summer fast approaching, it may be time to consider installing a custom shade sail onto your property to protect yourself from the harsh Australian sun. There are many types of shade sail to choose from including; shade umbrellas, pool shade sails, car shade sails and waterproof shade sails to name a few.

They are fully customisable to suit your needs and you can decide on a perfect size, shape and colour to fit into your home. Not only will they shade you from the elements, they offer a multitude of other benefits.

UVR and Extreme Weather Protection

Not all shade sails are created equal and some may not give you the protection you need from the sun’s harmful rays. Rainbow Shade uses quality solar protection fabrics for their shade structures, ensuring you have complete protection. UV radiation is the primary cause of skin cancer, meaning the investment in a shade sail should be top priority ensuring you and your family can enjoy the outdoors around your home this summer.

Rain can also keep you indoors if you’re not properly prepared. A custom shade sail will allow you to continue the barbeque and enjoy the outdoors while nice and dry. A shade structure can be fitted over the barbeque area, over a children’s play area, a pool area or any area you want to enjoy outside in all weather conditions.

Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

Shade sails will not only do the job of protecting you, they will dramatically improve your homes curb appeal. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours you can really let your imagination run wild. If you love colour, you could choose vibrant contrasting colours of shade sail and if you like something a little more classic opt for a cooler white. Either way, your shade sail will add in that touch of stylish personality to your home.

Reduce Energy Costs

Installing a shade structure onto the side of your home, will reduce the penetration of heat from the sun into your living space. This will in turn allow your air-conditioning to work more effectively and you may be able to turn it off due to it being cooler with shade protection.

Extend Your Living Space

Shade sails allow you to enjoy your home year round rain or shine. In the summer you can have barbeques and socialise well into the evening. In the rainy months, you can still enjoy the outdoors around your home under your shade sail. Having a shade sail on your property is basically like having an extra living room, without all the extra building costs.