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Product Overview

The Mehler Valmex range is a high quality waterproof architectural PVC fabric range for use in a variety of tension membrane applications. This fabric is suited for large scale commercial waterproof shade structures such as car park shade. With over 60 years of development and production experience and with their own weaving mills and coating factories Mehler offers high end performance and quality.

Product Benefits
Mehler-Benefits Product Colours Product Resources
FR580 Brochure

Showcasing Mehler's 16 stunning colours available with performance specifications.

FR700 Data Sheet

Technical information on FR700's suitability for commercial applications.

FR900 Brochure

Technical information on this fabrics suitability for large commercial tension membranes



The FR580 range has been designed for shade sails and tensioned structures to suit the harsh Australian climate. FR580 is flame retardant, UV stabilized, anti-fungal treated and with it’s PVDF coating, enables easier, quicker cleaning.

Using Mehler ensures you receive the highest quality finished product.
For more detailed information and technical specifications on Mehler contact our friendly team today on (07) 5580 5366.

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