Planning Ahead will Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Shade Structure

If you’re planning on installing a shade structure or shade structures around your home, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by having a plan in place.

Whether you want a shade sail over your pool, over the car park, over a play area or off the side of your house, you need to consider many factors to maximise the efficiency of your shade structure.

Make sure you research and consult with a quality shade supply company like Rainbow shade, ensuring you get gold standard service. The team at Rainbow shade can help you in the decision making process if you need advice on the types of shade sail available.

Consider Location

The area you want your shade sail to protect should be considered carefully, ensuring it will be useful and add appeal to your home. Residential shade sails are multi-purpose, being used for a variety of reasons including; extending living space, creating entertainment areas, shading areas from the sun and rain and covering up car parking areas. Choose a pool shade sail to get sun protection while in the pool, or a waterproof shade sail to enjoy an outdoor space even in bad weather.

What Fabric Suits Your Needs

Shade sails and shade structures come in a variety of fabrics to suit various needs. Many people want a shade sail to protect them from the sun, but shade fabrics are designed to give protection from wind, rain and even hail. If you want a shade sail to protect a BBQ area, getting a shade fabric with high shade qualities is a good idea and a shade structure with high UV protection is the best for pools and play areas.

Which Shape and Colour will Benefit You?

Shade structures are usually made in square, rectangle and triangle shapes, but can be customised to suit individual needs. They can be stacked along in a line or you can choose one giant structure if you prefer. Choosing a unique color scheme can also have a huge impact and if you’re covering a children’s play area or an entertainment area, vibrant colours could be a great choice.

Size Matters

Make sure you measure out the area you’d like the shade sail to cover, ensuring you allow for weather conditions and how that might affect the shaded area. If your shade sail is too small, it may not be big enough to entertain friends and if it’s too big, it could look slightly strange. If you need help with this, you can ask the experts at Rainbow Shade to advise you on what may work best for your space.

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