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Outdoor Blinds & Awnings in Newcastle

Outdoor blinds are a great way to increase the usable outdoor space of your home. By adding outdoor blinds to your patio or BBQ areas you are essentially adding a whole new outdoor living space to your house.

Depending on your requirements you can order outdoor blinds that can easily be manually adjusted, or if you are after a premium shading solution you can even select from a number of automated outdoor blind systems.

The most important part of any outdoor blind system is the quality of the fabric used. At Rainbow Shade we have been supplying high quality outdoor fabrics for over 20 years. Our Serge Ferrari Soltis range of outdoor blind materials are the market leaders for performance and longevity. An outdoor blind using Soltis blind mesh will act as a thermal shield to protect your home from the damaging Australian sun.

All Serge Ferrari Soltis fabrics are made in France to strict quality control procedures and use the highest quality raw materials in their production to ensure that Soltis fabrics are durable enough to last in harsh Australian Conditions.

Add Value and Aesthetic Appeal

Blinds and awnings can improve your properties appearance and increase the outdoor living space, adding value to your home.

Designed To Last

Soltis fabric is built with 'Pre-Contraint technology' which increases stability and durability. The material is built to last for years!

Protection from Harsh Weather

Soltis fabric offers great UV protection and is highly effective at blocking out the harsh Austrlian sun. 

Maximise Your Space

Maximise your outdoor living space by covering patios, balconies and other entertaining areas.


Serge Ferrari Soltis outdoor blind mesh fabrics offer many different openness factors so that you can adjust the heat, glare and UV block performance of your outdoor blind. Soltis outdoor blind mesh fabrics also have the largest colour range on the market allowing your outdoor blinds to stand out and make a statement or blend in with your homes surrounds.

All Serge Ferrari Soltis outdoor blind mesh fabrics come with dependable warranties and are made with a patented manufacturing process called “Pre-Contraint technology” which gives Soltis fabrics increased stability, preventing the fabric from stretching or sagging in your outdoor blind system.

We have been supplying high quality shade fabric to both residential and commercial locations in Newcastle for over 20 years. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have proven themselves in our harsh Australian climate. With a reputation built on quality, service and integrity we would love to assist you with your next project.

If you are interested in installing an outdoor blind or awning in Newcastle, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.