Our Shade Sails Are Made from the Best Quality Raw Materials

Shade sails are a cost effective way to protect your family from the harsh Australian climate, while still enjoying the outdoor space you have. A shade structure can be customised to fit different sized spaces and even be chosen in a range of colours and shapes to compliment your style.

A car port shade sail is ideal to stop vehicles heating up and commercial shade sails can be constructed to suit all types of businesses large and small. If you hold events, a range of shade sails can be linked together to create an entertainment area and learning centres like school playgrounds and nurseries will really benefit from the addition of shade sails to create safe play areas.

What Are Shade Sails Made from?

Shade sails are made of HDPE (high density poly-ethylene), which is a super tough material knitted together to make it extremely durable. This high strength fabric also gives you the ultimate sun protection blocking 99% of the suns harsh UV rays.

The technique of knitting the fabric together is what gives it high tensile strength, making it the best fabric for shade sails on the market. Rainbow Shade only uses the highest quality, raw materials for their shade structures and the Z16 and Extreme 32 shade cloths can last 10 years plus under the severe Australian summers.

The Benefits of a Shade Structure

Each of our shade sails are made from a highly durable and tear resistant shade cloth that is tested under harsh conditions. It will protect you from the sun, wind and rain and does not absorb moisture making it mold and mildew resistant. This means each shade sail is built to last and will keep great shape and colour.

A Z16 pool shade sail will help to reduce its running costs by slowing down the evaporation of your pool water. This in turn will reduce your bills in the long run, giving you back the money you invested in the shade sail in the first place – it’s a win win situation all round!

Your Shade Sail Can Be Recycled

While your shade structure is going to last 10 years plus and maybe a lifetime, if you do decide to get a new updated shade sail, the shade cloth can be recycled and made into many other products like; rope, toys, piping and bins to name a few. Being good for the environment, helping you to cut down the cost of bills and giving you year round protection from the elements – a shade sail is one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

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