Do you love to holiday by the beach? Or do you crave the open road and love to cruise from campsite to campsite staying amongst nature? However you like to holiday, sun protection is important, with temperatures soaring during the hot Australian summer months.

A shade sail can be taken with you on holiday as they are lightweight, waterproof and 99% UV protective. They are a convenient alternative to tents or heavy gazebos and can be put up quickly, attached to the side of a vehicle, boat or tree. Here are some ideas for how to use a shade sail on your next trip.

Shade Sails for Picnics

Are you taking a day trip out to the beach or park? Take a shade sail to give relief from the suns harsh rays. The corners of the sail can be attached to a strong tree or post you find, with a temporary pole at one side. Keep friends and family safe and shade food, while you enjoy the surroundings.

Shade Sails for Camping

A shade sail can be used as a handy front porch for your campervan or caravan. Create a shaded spot to eat, have drinks and relax in the afternoon with a good book. Attach two corners to the vehicle and one to a strong pole and enjoy extra outdoor living space while camping.

Shade Sails for the Pool

Have you rented out a property with a pool? A pool shade sail or shade umbrella is ideal to shade the water for swimmers and give sunbathers a spot to cool off. A shade sail can be easily attached to the side of a building and a temporary pole. Now you can kick back and relax by the pool with a cocktail, without worrying about sunburn!

Shade Sails for Boats

You can’t beat cruising the open waves to really relax and get away from it all. Most boats come with a covered outdoor area, but if not, take a shade sail with you. You can choose from a rectangular or triangular shaped sail and many colours to suit your boating style.

Shade Sails for Craft Fairs and Trade Shows

If you plan on selling your crafts at a local fair or trade show, protection is needed from the midday heat. A shade sail is an extremely flexible alternative to a gazebo, as it can be angled, depending on what direction the sun is shining in. Plus, you can team two or more shade sails together, to create different sized cool spaces for your customers to walk under.