If you’ve noticed the sun beating down on you in the garden, or your vehicle is burning hot when you get inside – you need a shade sail. Shade structures are extremely versatile, stylish and durable making them the best option to shade your home, pool, garden, BBQ area, children’s play area, car, boat port or your commercial business.

But with the incredible variety of shade fabrics available, how do you choose the right one for you? Today we will compare Rainbow Shades best shade cloths, showing the benefits of each. This will help you choose the best shade cloth for your budget and unique requirements.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Shade Cloth

Each shade cloth comes with its own features and benefits. You need to ask yourself a few questions to help you choose the right shade cloth for your needs.

  • What type of weather will your shade cloth be exposed to?
  • Where will you be using your shade sail eg; car port, pool, garden, commercial business
  • Will the shade sail be used all year round?
  • What size of area will the shade sail cover?
  • What colour and styles do you like?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a shade sail?

Benefits of the 5 Best Shade Cloths on the Market

  1. Z16 Shade Cloth

The Z16 shade cloth is a popular brand in Australia and for good reason. It offers an incredible reputation for longevity, UV-R protection (99%) and durability. It dramatically reduces the heat, UV radiation and glare when you’re enjoying your outdoor space. The Z16 is ideal to be used as a playground shade, pool shade sail, commercial shade sail or residential shade sail.

  1. Extreme 32 Shade Cloth

The Extreme 32 shade cloth is a heavy duty solution, perfect for large applications that need stability and strength. It’s made with monofilament and tape construction, making it excellent for harsh weather conditions. UV-R protection is up to 95.8%, it has extreme tear resistance and high glare and heat protection. The Extreme 32 is ideal as a carport shade sail, for shade structures and large commercial shade sails and playground park shades.

  1. Driz Shade Cloth

The Driz shade cloth offers all weather protection. It boasts excellent UV-R sun protection (100%) and has an extremely advanced waterproof coating. Perfect for light commercial or residential situations, your Driz shade cloth will protect you every month of the year, while still allowing enough light to filter through. The Driz is perfect for waterproof shade sails, residential shade sails, car shade sails and outdoor umbrellas.

  1. Serge Ferrari PVC

The Serge Ferrari PVC is best suited to large scale commercial structures. Made of high quality, architectural PVC, it offers long term extreme protection from all types of weather. Halls, air domes, bungalows, car parks, stadium roofs and more will benefit from the Serge Ferrari shade cloth.

  1. Soltis Mesh Shade Cloth

Soltis mesh fabrics are ideal for indoor or outdoor use including; zip blinds, conservatory and skylight blinds, interior roller blinds, retractable arm awnings, shade sails, umbrellas, pergolas and more. There is a Soltis Mesh fabric for every cooling and shading need.