Shade sails are very popular for use in the garden, patio and pool areas. They give extreme cover from the sun, wind, rain and other debris and they do a great job at adding a creative design element to the area. If you need protection for your car or other vehicles, without wanting to build a costly permanent structure, a shade sail is highly recommended.

Shade sails can be made in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your vehicles. Made from an extremely sturdy and long-lasting shade cloth, car port shade sails will be suspended between posts, a roof or wall fixings to protect cars, boats, motorbikes, farm machinery and much more. Here’s what to consider when choosing a carport or driveway shade sail.

Shape and Size

Different shapes of shade sail give varying coverage for your vehicles. Usually, you can choose a shade sail in either a; triangle, square or a rectangle shape and you can layer multiple shade sails together if needed. Be aware that triangular shade sails, may give less coverage than square or rectangular ones. Measure the size of your vehicles and allow at least 50% extra space around the outside to ensure protection.


The front of your house where your carport shade sail or driveway shade sail will be, is the first thing people see – it needs to look good. The right car port shade sail can actually increase the value of your home. Consider your home colour palette and choose a shade cloth that compliments this.

Shade Sail Fabric

Do you need a shade sail that is best for extreme weather conditions, or which lets a cool breeze through? Usually complete sun and rain protection is wanted for car port shade sails but there are different fabrics to consider depending on your needs. Rainbow Shade offers the Z16, Extreme 32, DriZ, Serge Ferrari Membranes and the Soltis Mesh which have a wide range of shade cloth benefits.

Fixing Points

For a car port shade sail to do its job, it needs to be fixed under tension. If you have weak fixing points, this can lead to your sail ripping, stretching or just falling down. Have a look around your car port area. Is there enough solid wall or will you need to install sturdy posts? Are there any electrical pipes or cabling in the way? Getting strong fixing points allows your shade sail to do its job for an extended period of time.

Sun Orientation

In your home town, where is the sun at the hottest part of the day? And where does it set in the afternoon? Knowing this will help you choose the angle, shape and size of your carport shade sail needed. If you get this wrong, your vehicles may still get the sun heating up their insides, making it very uncomfortable when you want to use them.