Shade sails are ideal for hospitality venues such as bar and restaurants. They provide safe shade for customers from the sun and can even help you increase revenue, by keeping customers seated for longer.

Shade sails also do a great job of protecting your other assets such as equipment, furniture and your staff. Choose from a range of quality fabrics and waterproof options. If you own or run a hospitality business, commercial shade sails are a smart investment. Here are a few ways that shade sails will improve your bar or restaurant.

Enhance the Customers Experience

Customers will make a judgement about your venue as soon as they turn up. Each one needs to be wowed as soon as they step a foot in the door. Plus, outdoor drinking and dining experiences are extremely popular. Strategically designed and placed shade sails look great visually and provide comprehensive shade. This will impress your guests and allow them to dine outside while comfortable.

Increase Your Seating Capabilities

If you have a decent sized outdoor space, you can almost double your seating capabilities after getting it covered. By installing shade sails, you can offer alfresco dining experiences that bring in new customers and keep current customers happy. Shade sails will protect your customers from rain and the sun, allowing for year round dining.

Keep Customers Seated for Longer

Without shade, a customer might only have one drink and then leave when they get too uncomfortable in the afternoon sun. Well placed shade sails provide cool areas, allowing customers to stay longer and order more. They might even invite their friends and stay for dinner, almost doubling your revenue!

Improve Curb Appeal and Bring in New Customers

Shade sails can be made in a range of different fabrics and different colours to suit your brand. They can also be made in multiple shapes and sizes and you can even layer them together to create unique shaded areas. Shade sails are not only functional, but they look stunning and can be seen for miles away, potentially bringing in new customers who like what they see.

Flexible and Affordable Shading Solution

Shade sails are an extremely affordable shading solution compared to some other permanent roof structures. They’re easy to clean and resistant to damage and can be taken down in the winter if not in use. You can even move your shade sails around and add in new shade sails, to increase the amount of space that is shaded for functions.