Shade sails are extremely useful in any residential or commercial space. Shade makes your outdoor space useful all year round, plus the unique look of a shade structure adds style to your property. While a quality shade sail costs, the extensive benefits you receive make it well worthwhile.

To get the most out of your shade sail it needs a little care and attention. If looked after, your shade sail will last 10 years or more. Let’s take a look how to prolong the life of your shade sail.

Invest in a Quality Shade Sail

First things first – invest in a quality shade sail! A quality shade cloth will last years longer than a cheap one you find on a reseller site. While it’s tempting to save money up-front, you’ll actually lose money in the long run when your cheap buy disintegrates after a few months. Rainbow Shade offer a leading range of shade sails with extreme UV protection, plus proven durability and longevity.

Install Correctly

One of the best ways to ensure your shade sail lasts is to install it correctly in the first place. If you don’t get it right, your shade cloth may sag, tear or even collapse on you! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and if you struggle, reach out to the shade sail company for help.

Clean at Regular Intervals

Your shade sail is open to the elements all year round. This means the sun, rain and wind will be battering your sail, possibly leaving a build up of debris. If left, twigs, leaves and dirt start to wear away at your shade sail, leaving weakened areas. Also, stains can build up which start to impact the look. Aim to clean your shade sail every 2 – 3 months or monthly if you notice mildew forming.

Store Away if Not Used

While most shade sails are built to resist the elements all year round, heavy winter weather might prevent you from going outdoors. If this happens, prolong the life of your shade sail by storing it away. Snow puts excessive weight onto a shade sail that can lead to a tear. If you use your outdoor space less, give your shade sail a break by taking it down, cleaning it and storing it away for when better weather arrives.

Ask an Expert to Inspect Your Shade Sail

Shade sails are tough, durable and easy to maintain. If you have a regular maintenance plan, your shade sail is probably doing ok. But many homeowners just look at their shade sail from a distance and think it looks ok. If this sounds like you, get a professional in to inspect your shade structure. An expert can often spot small problems, before they become large and take preventative measures.