Get Ready For the Heat so You Can Relax in Comfort

The hot summer months in Australia are here and you’re probably going to spend a lot more time outdoors. Barbeques, social get-togethers and just enjoying time with the family are likely to increase and making use of your outdoor space is a must.

It may have been neglected in the colder months and you may need to spend a little time preparing the space so it can be enjoyed safely and healthily.

It doesn’t have to be a massive chore to get your garden ready and with these few tips, you’ll have your outdoor space primed and ready for fun in the harsh Australian sun.

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Choose Lounge Chairs with UV Reflecting Materials

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of sitting on a chair in the sun and touching a metal part that feels like a hot plate! Choose outdoor wicker furniture and sofas woven with PVC fibres and a UV inhibitor to combat this. These materials last 10 times as long as just natural wicker material, are cooler to the touch and are strong and durable.

Add Shade Sails or Shade Structures

Pool shade sails and shade structures placed over your barbeque/lounge area, are essential to keep you protected from harsh UV rays. Each shade cloth is made from the highest quality fabric which is tough, durable and protective from harmful UV rays. Each shade sail can be customised to your exact needs, giving any sized area great protection from the elements. You can even get a car park shade structure to keep the motor vehicle cool in-between drives.

Install Misters to Your Outdoor Lounge Area

Misters can be attached to your shade umbrella or can be free standing to pump out cooling mist on those hot days. You can even get pumps to churn out clouds of cooling fog, across your pool or patio area.

Place Sprinklers Next to the Pavers

Keeping the pavements cool near to the pool or any other area you may walk about bare footed is a great idea to save your toes. Cooling water from the sprinklers can reduce the surface temperature by 30/40% and can even be operated by remote control.

Get an Outdoor Shower

If you already have outdoor plumbing in place, this doesn’t have to be a huge, costly project. Have a talk with your plumber to see what they advise. Having a shower by the pool of course is another great way to keep cool and wash off chlorine after a dip in the pool.

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