When choosing the best residential shade sail, you may think that the only decisions you need to make are the size, colour and fabric type. However, it’s important to consider any planning permission or council approvals you may need.

Whether you need council approval for your shade sail, depends on a few different factors. Here is some useful information regarding what council approval is and how you can ensure your new shade structure complies with any local requirements.

What is Council Approval and Who Needs it?

Council approval and building permits ensure that a new property development complies with local design codes, relevant legislation and the local planning scheme. Development relates to housing additions, commercial signage and large-scale building projects.

Council approval also ensures any new work complies with the Building Codes of Australia. Building permits are needed for new extensions, building alterations or new structure, such as:

  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Retaining walls and fences
  • Patios, sheds, garages and carports
  • New builds, fit-outs and refurbishments

In many cases council approval may not be needed. Although to be sure, always check with your local council to ensure your new shade structure is compliant.

Other Things to Consider When Installing a New Shade Sail

Shade Sail Location

If you plan to put your new shade sail, or part of your shade sail on a residential street, in front of a building, then you’ll likely need council approval. There are certain rules regarding how close your shade sail is allowed to be from your property to boundary lines, depending on the size of your property and its proximity to surrounding buildings.

State Heritage Areas and Conservation Zones

When your house or commercial property is inside a conservation zone, or is a heritage listed site, you must consult the local council before you put it up. If your proposed shade structure could possibly damage the building or change its appearance, council approval may be rejected.

Talk with Your Local Council if Unsure

Different local councils will have varying rules and regulations around council approval for shade sails. To prevent yourself from wasting time and money, it’s always wise to find out the exact rules before you start. You may be able to find information on their local website, or you can give them a call during business hours.

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