We Design Custom Shade Structures, That Will Actually Save You Money in the Long Run

The shade cloth we use to make our shade sails is made from premium quality raw materials and tested under the highest quality control practices. This means that the Z16, Extreme 32 and DriZ shade cloth will withstand harsh weather conditions for many, many years without any dip in their performance.

We provide shade sails for all occasions including; pool shade sails, car port shade sails, residential shade sails, commercial shade sails or even school shade sails. Each shade sail is made of HDPE (High Density Ply-Ethylene), which is a high density tear resistant fabric, knitted together to give the ultimate UV protection.

Reduce Your Pools Running Costs

Having a pool in the garden is one of life’s little pleasures and if you have one you probably are aware of the costs that can build up to keep it running. During the months of soaring temperatures, pool water can start to evaporate increasing your pool running costs.

The Z16 shade cloth is the ideal fabric for a pool shade structure, significantly blocking out the strongest of the sun’s rays and reducing the evaporation of your pool water. Whether your pool is 20m long or 100m, we can design, build and fit a custom shade structure for your pool.

Reduce Your Home Cooling Bill

Being one of the hottest places on earth, it’s no surprise that most Australian homes have air conditioner units fitted inside. The thing is, on the hottest days of the year, energy consumption increases massively and with every household and business turning them on at the same time, it can be a massive strain on Australia’s power grid.

If this keeps on going, electricity charges will rise even higher and of course the environment will be effected by the rise of greenhouse gas emissions. Having a shade sail fitted at the right points around your home, can keep the inside of your home cooler, reducing the need for your air conditioning to be turned on so frequently.

What Does a Shade Sail Cost?

You can order a shade sail to your exact size, style and shade needs. Cost will be determined by the type of shade cloth you require, whether you want waterproof or standard cover and how many posts needed to keep your chosen shade structure up.

Each shade sail can be customised to cover a small 20sqm area up to huge areas of around 300sqm. All you need to do is tell us what shade cloth you require, what your intended use is for the shade sail and any specific styles you have in mind and we can create your perfect shade structure within your budget.

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