With summers in full swing, I don’t blame you for looking into your options when it comes to shade structures and shade sails. Temperatures in excess of 30 degrees are enough to make anyone look for an alternate way to keep cool.

Thankfully, one of the quickest and most affordable solutions is, of course, to install a shade structure such as a shade sail.

But how do you choose between a custom shade solution offered by one of the many Australian shade companies and a pre-fabricated shade solution, which can easily be bought from your local hardware store? If you haven’t looked into the pros and cons of each, then chances are you’re going to opt for the easier solution and head to your local hardware store. But are you making the right decision?

In this article, we’ll look at this topic so you can be well informed before you choose which shade solution is best for you: a custom shade solution or a pre-fabricated shade solution.

Custom made shade sails vs. hardware shade sails

Today, pre-fabricated shade solutions, such as shade sails, are available at the leading hardware stores at incredibly affordable prices. This is because the materials used to make these shade solution are often very cheap. Most are manufactured in China and deteriorate quite quickly.

While pre-fabricated shade solutions are definitely convenient, they are quite limited and restricting in functionality, given that they do not take into account the specifics of a site.

Unlike pre-fabricated shade sails, Australian custom made shade sails are manufactured with the highest quality materials and skilled workmanship. More so, custom made shade sails are suitable for individual requirements and are better designed for weather-proofing. Additionally, you get the added bonus of having professional onsite advice from the shade sail installer, which isn’t available with pre-fabricated shade sails.

Let’s take a further look at what Australian custom made shade sails have to offer over prefabricated shade sails.

The quality lies in the price. While custom made shade sails are more expensive than their premade counterparts, they boast higher quality materials and better workmanship.

The warranty says it all. Custom made shad sails often feature long life warranties on the fabrics used and also on the workmanship. Such warranties are not offered by any hardware retail shade sails.

Quality Australian custom shade sails

If you agree that a custom shade solution is a better investment than a pre-fabricated shade solution, then I urge you to request that your shade sail or shade structure be manufactured using only the best fabrics; a Rainbow Shade fabric. The following shade fabrics are recommended for such applications:

Z16 by Rainbow Shade: Z16 shade cloth is one of Australia’s most popular shade sail fabrics. It offers up to 99% UVR protection, high durability and unmatched quality.

eXtreme 32 by Rainbow Shade: eXtreme 32 is our heavy-duty shade cloth with a fabric weight of 320 GSM. It delivers excellent shade protection, up to 95.8% UVR protection, great strength and unrivalled durability.

Custom shade solutions, such as those manufactured using Rainbow Shade fabrics, are higher quality than pre-fabricated shade solutions. They offer far better strength and durability, can be custom fit to any requirements and are also covered by warranties on the fabric and on workmanship. You definitely can’t go wrong by choosing our quality shade cloth for your shade sails or shade structure.


If you’re in the market for a shade solution, make sure you consider custom shade solutions over pre-fabricated shade solutions available from your local hardware store. Custom shade solutions are of much better quality, are much more durable and can be customised to meet individual space requirements. Furthermore, custom shade solutions are covered by unbeatable warranties; giving you all the more reason to invest in them.

If you’ve made the wise decision to purchase a custom shade sail over a pre-fabricated shade sail, then contact the team at Rainbow Shade. We will advise you on your closest shade solution specialists, who of course use only the best shade fabrics – Rainbow Shade Fabrics.