The Z16 Shade Cloth has the Largest Colour Range in the Industry!

Not only does the Z16 shade cloth offer superb durability, extreme UV-R protection and a 10 year warranty, you can design your shade sail in a unique colour and shape to suit your home or business. You can choose from a selection of 24 designer colours that will fit in with your homes style or your business brand.

The Z16 shade cloth is unrivalled in the industry for its high tensile strength, safe filtered light transmission and how light it is. It’s a cloth built to last and repel against all sorts of extreme weather conditions. It’s been proven to last up to 15 years being exposed to Australian weather conditions.

Get Your Business Noticed with a Bright Shade Cloth

Whether you have a small cafe, a large restaurant or any other type of business with an outside area for staff or customers, a customised shade sail is ideal, as it can be made in your brands colour and unique style.

If your business is represented by one main colour, you can have your shade sail or interlinking shade sails all made in the same colour to create unity. If you have a few colours in your brands identity, your shade sails can be arranged in varying colours to create a striking and brand authentic look.

Ideal for Schools or Universities

A commercial shade sail made out of the Z16 shade cloth is ideal for schools, universities or nurseries. Unique shade sails can be constructed over park areas, outside study areas and car park areas, giving cooling shade and a creative look to the area.

Nurseries can benefit from a shade sail area giving the kids open picnic and play areas with protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The shade sails can be arranged in unique formations and designed in vivid colours which will visually delight the young ones.

Protect Your Homes Open Spaces with a Shade Sail

If you love to be in the outdoors no matter what the weather is doing, a shade sail is ideal to cover over your garden area, the pool, the BBQ area or your car parking spot. Because of the huge range of colours you can choose from, you can get a shade cloth that perfectly matches and enhances your home.

The ideal shade sail will not only protect you from the elements, but will seriously improve your homes curb appeal. Being easy to maintain and highly customisable, you can get a shade sail or selection of shade sails made for your home in your favourite colour palette. Just speak to the experts at Rainbow Shade to design, construct and install the perfect shade structure for your home or business.

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