Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Printed Shade Sails

In the dynamic realm of outdoor design, innovation is key to transforming spaces into captivating environments. One such innovation that has gained immense popularity is the introduction of printed shade sails. Here we will unravel the wonders of printed shade sails, exploring their versatility, creative potential, and the visual impact they bring to outdoor living…. Read more »



#Z16Summer Our summer promotion offers you the opportunity to win big in our random draw when you install a Z16 shade sail. Simply follow these steps to enter: Get a Z16 Shade Sail Installed: Have a Z16 shade sail professionally installed to ensure maximum shade and protection. Z16 is known for its exceptional quality and… Read more »


#Z16Summer Terms & Conditions

The #Z16Summer Promotion requires the use of the Z16 shade fabric. To participate in the Promotion, participants must register online. To be eligible for the Promotion, participants must post a picture of the installed Z16 shade sail on a social media platform, tagging Rainbow Shade and the installer, and using the designated hashtag #Z16Summer. By… Read more »


Recycling Shade Sails – How do we do it?


It would be safe to say that Australians love to recycle and are good at it right? However, did you know that Australians dump 3.5 million tonnes of plastic each year and only 9.4% reach a recycling facility? This staggering statistic shows the importance of recycling and reusing plastics. Thankfully, Rainbow Shade loves to recycle…. Read more »


UV Radiation – How do you Combat it?


With summer just around the corner, many will be rejoicing knowing that the sun will be out. Days often spent under a blanket indoors now turn to days outside at the beach, pool, or backyard. However, there are many people that do not realise the effects that the sun can have. UV radiation is very… Read more »


Rainbow Shade for a Shade Better than the Rest


There are many different types of shade sail designs available to consumers now days. With shade cloth sails being a custom installation the design of your shade sail or structure can be detailed to your exact requirements.


Shade Sails in Geelong


Shade sails are fortresses packaged in a manner that we can construct them where we want to, including our backyards. When nature unleashes scathing weather be it the scourging hot Australian sun or the recent storms that hit Ocean Drive and South Geelong suburbs, quality shade sails can live on.