A Waterproof Shade Sail Will Keep Your Outdoor Space Useful Year Round


The Australian weather can be a rollercoaster with harsh sun one day and bucketing rain the next. Shade sails are ideal to protect your outdoor space, whatever season you are in. A waterproof shade sail is perfect to cover over your alfresco dining area, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.


Shade Sails in Cairns

Cairns like many places in Tropical North Queensland is subject to extreme humidity and heat over the summer months. Any shade sail or shade structure installed in Cairns must have a high UV block percentage in order to cut out the harmful UV radiation and heat that can cause serious skin damage, skin cancer and… Read more »


Shade Sails on the Central Coast

Are you looking to add value to your home and increase your usable outdoor living space? The NSW Central Coast receives a wide array of wild weather conditions and that’s why any shade sail installed on the Central Coast needs to be extremely durable.


Why Would You Use a Shade Sail


Here at Rainbow Shade we have been supplying shade sails for all manner of applications for over twenty five years. But why are they so popular and why do so many people find them a perfect solution to their shading needs?


Waterproof Shade Sails, Yes They Do Exist!


Most people picture shade cloth fabric when they think about shade sails, but the thing is you can also get shade sails made from other materials which makes them waterproof.


Shade Sails: The ultimate shade protection


When you think about shade sails, the first thing that comes to mind for many are the cheap and flimsy shade sails that you can purchase off the shelf from home hardware centers. However, did you know that there are superior solutions available that can last up to 10 times longer and withstand heavy winds?… Read more »


Shade Cloth for UV and Hail Protection


When you are considering a shade fabric for use in a shade sail you want to ensure that it meets a number of important criteria. For the fabric component of the shade sail these attributes would be high Ultra Violet protection, product longevity and high strength. When you purchase a Rainbow Shade fabric you get… Read more »