Nothing speaks resilience better than shade sails. They outlive the hottest of months and survive the worst of storms. When the summer sun unleashes temperatures of up to 37 °C like was recently recorded in Bouvard, you can count on Rainbow Shades shade sails to protect you against the scourging sun.

Not even wild winds like those witnessed recently in Cape Leeuwin can bring them down. Shade sails in Mandurah made from Rainbow Shade’s shade cloth fabrics offer protective shelter even in the worst of weather and most intense heat.

Rainbow shade sails made from our Z16, eXtreme 32 and Driz have been known to handle winds traveling at well over 90kph with ease. Not even verandas, pergolas or even balconies can handle such wild winds. They don’t trap the wind; instead, they allow air to pass with ease reducing the damage that could be caused by the winds on adjacent structures. This makes them a great complement to existing structures as well as reliable stand-alone shade structures.

Besides being resilient, shade sails are cheaper to construct compared to other fixed roof structures. In the event that they succumb to storms, shade sails are safer since they are unlikely to leave behind any debris. They are also easier to relocate if the need arises.

Our Z16 has an unmatched reputation for durability and protecting people from Ultraviolet rays. It offers up to 99% protection against UV Rays and has 24 designer colours.  It comes with a whopping 10-year warranty. It’s designed to profoundly reduce glare, minimize heat and provide maximum protection. Z16 is ideal for shade sails and structures, parking lots and pool shades.

eXtreme 32 also comes with a 10-year warranty and is suited for very large shade sails and structures. It offers equally outstanding protection against UVR (up to 95.8%). Its burst strength is higher than that of the Z16 hence is suitable for larger commercial shade applications and unique shade structures. eXtreme 32 is ideal for playgrounds, schools, commercial shade sails, public pools and large car park shades.

Driz is the real deal if you are looking for a waterproof material. It’s made mostly from Z16 shade cloth only with a clear water proof coating. It is also light weight, which reduces structural costs. Driz offers excellent protection from the sun, wind, and rain. It also protects occupants from harmful Ultraviolet rays. It is suitable for any outdoor structure or shade sails from pools to playgrounds. As an assurance of its longevity, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

All Rainbow shade fabrics come in a wide range of colours (up to 24 colours) to enable you to choose the one that complements your environment best.

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