With the summer months and intense heat quickly approaching, it is time to get some shade, and fast!

The design of your shade sail or structure can be adjusted to meet your outdoor spaces specific requirements but did you know that the type of shade cloth used in your shade sails, whether it be for your home, for a shade sail over a playground or car park shade, plays a vital role in the shade installation as a whole.

Shade sails and structures offer great heat and glare reduction for almost any type of outdoor space while also preventing damaging UV radiation which can cause skin cancers and other skin related problems.

Choosing a high quality fabric ensures that your shade sail or shade structure lasts for many years to come, keeps its shape all year round and can even protect against hail damage.

The benefits of using a high quality shade cloth

Luckily Rainbow Shades shade cloth products provide all of these benefits and more. With up to 99% UVR block, a 10 year warranty and 24 designer colours our Z16 shade cloth looks great in residential and commercial installations. Z16 has even been known to last over 15 years in the sun without any maintenance. (See Article)

For your larger commercial car parks, school covers and playground shade structures Extreme 32 has the strength and the protection to cover large span installations with ease. With a highly stable knitting pattern and impressive 10 year warranty, projects using Extreme 32 shade cloth with require minimal maintenance, reducing the entire structures life cycle cost.

If you are after a waterproof shade cloth for your outdoor area at home, DriZ is a great option for all weather protection. With a 5 year warranty and 16 vibrant colours you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors ever then the weather isn’t at its best.

All of Rainbow Shade sail cloth fabrics are made utilising state of the art manufacturing processes,the highest quality colourants and UV stabilisers and have unrivaled knit constructions for protection and stability. This means that if your next shade project is made with a Rainbow Shade fabric you can rest assured you are receiving a high quality fabric that will last for many years to come and look great while doing it.

For inspiration on unique shade sail and structure designs view our gallery, or to see which of our shade fabrics is best suited to your upcoming shade installation head to our installation directory.