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Australia’s extreme summer temperatures can often make you question whether it is safe for the kids to go outside and play in the sun for extended periods of time. As a shade fabric supplier, this is something that is constantly in our thoughts, which is why we’ve set out to offer the highest quality shade protection fabrics in the Australia market today.

As a parent, you want to encourage your children to go outside and play. In a world that now revolves around iPhones, iPads and video games, it is refreshing to see kids playing, laughing and doing what they are supposed to do – play.

If the sun’s damaging UV Rays are a concern for you and your children, then continue reading as I explain how quality shade fabrics and shade sails can help ease your concern by providing up to 99% UV protection for you and your family.

Quality shade fabrics offer excellent UVR protection

While most shade fabrics in the market will offer some amount of UVR protection, shade fabrics of the highest grade can even offer up to 99% protection against UV rays, such as our high quality shade fabrics at Rainbow Shade. The quality and the quantity of UV additives in a shade fabric are what determine how well it can block out harmful UV rays and at Rainbow Shade, we use only the best additives in our shade fabrics. Our commercial grade shade fabrics offer UVR protection ranging from 95.8% up to 99%, meaning that by using our fabrics, you can rest assured that you and your kids are protected from the harsh sun rays.

Shade fabrics can keep your kids well protected

Shade fabrics and shade sails can be installed just about anywhere in a home – over outdoor pools, backyard play areas, outdoor entertainment areas and other areas which require protection from the sun. The best part about shade fabrics is that they can be customised to meet area requirements and they can be cut to any shape or size. By installing shade fabrics in your outdoor areas, you need not worry about other sun safety measures for your kids. While you should definitely ensure that your kids apply sunscreen before playing outdoors, by having quality Rainbow Shade fabrics used in the manufacturing of you shade structure, you will always be at peace, knowing that your children are well protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

You can also make use of this innovative app made by Sun Smart, which allows you to check UV levels in outdoor areas. Using this app, you can determine if your shade fabric is offering adequate protection from UV rays and this is an excellent way to ensure that your kids are well protected.

At Rainbow Shade, we pride ourselves in being Australia’s leading supplier of shade cloth fabrics. We know how harsh the Australian sun can be and as such, we ensure that all our products offer the best possible UVR block, providing up to 99% UVR block. By making use of our premium grade fabrics, you can ensure that you and your kids are well protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


As an Australian parent, it is understandable that you want to protect your kids from the harsh UV rays of the sun. However, you need not restrict your kids to playing indoors. You can install shade fabrics in your outdoor entertainment areas to keep your children protected from the sun rays. High quality shade fabrics can block up to 99% of UV rays and by installing these shade fabrics, you can rest assured, knowing that your children are well protected.

If you’d like to consider installing shade fabrics in your home, then get in touch with us at Rainbow Shade by giving us a call on 07 5580 5366. We will be happy to provide you with the details of your nearest shade solution specialist, who makes use of only the best shade fabrics – Rainbow Shade fabrics!

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