7 Creative Ways to Bring Shade to a Sunny Garden

While it’s nice to soak up the sun occasionally. Too much of it can be exhausting and not great for the skin. You can’t beat relaxing in a shady spot, with a good book and a cool drink. But, how do you shade a sunny garden without breaking the bank? There are actually many creative ways to shade an outdoor space. Many of which are simple to install and add a decorative style. Read on for seven creative ways to shade a sunny garden.
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1.Install a Shade Sail

Shade sails are one of the best sun blockers you can get. Shade structures come in many shapes and sizes, colours and styles. They can be used over patios, gardens, BBQ areas, kids play areas, driveways, commercial businesses, school playgrounds and more. Shade sails need strong poles, trees, a wall or the side of a house to attach onto and are easy to maintain year round.

2.Build a Pergola

If you have a little more time and money, building a pergola could be right for you. Pergolas shade an area, but have slats that let some sun through. These are ideal if you are comfortable with a little sun, or you could grow vines over the top for extra shade.

3.Try a Partial Pergola

Partial pergolas are used to shade a small area of your yard like a table for example. They are usually built off the side of a current building and are a little more budget friendly and easier to make. Pergolas are ideal to create an atmospheric setting for romantic meals with a partner.

4.Lattice Canopy with Vines

Lattice canopies usually hang over a patio area. Wooden slats provide a partial shade. If you want complete coverage, the addition of vines gives you the shade you need and provides a stunning natural décor element.

5.Shade Umbrellas

Shade umbrellas are extremely versatile and can be used over patios, pools, dining areas, lounge areas and for commercial businesses. Table patio umbrellas are the most common, with tilting umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas offering a little more control.

6.Plant Beautiful Trees

Planting trees in a mindful way not only looks great, but gives you extra shady spots to lounge under. If you’re planning your patio, also plan where to place trees and bushes for the best sun coverage at different times of day.

7.Attach an Awning

If an umbrella or shade sail isn’t right for you, consider an awning attached over the patio. These are usually retractable, so you can let in the sun when needed and cover up on the hottest days.

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