Shade sails are an important feature in many Australian homes, schools, car parks, shopping centres and restaurants. To prolong their useful life and effectiveness, regular maintenance is needed.

If neglected, a shade sail can start to sag, look drab and not do a great job of protecting you from the elements. But if looked after, your shade sail will remain functional and looking fantastic for 10 years or more. Here are five tips for effective shade sail maintenance.

Install Your Shade Sail Correctly

Shade sails come in different shapes and sizes. Small residential shade sails can often be put up by yourself, if you have the right tools and a little time. Do make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions to install your shade sail correctly. Incorrect installation could cause the shade sail to sag or tear, compromising the safety of your home and family.

Inspect Your Shade Sail Regularly

Shade sail fabric will move over time and needs to be serviced regularly to maintain its tensile strength. Talk with your shade sail supplier to book a regular maintenance plan. Inspect your shade sail at regular intervals, to remove leaves, twigs and pooled water, that may build up after a strong weather event.

Schedule Cleaning and Repairs

Over time, rain and bird droppings will stain shade sail fabric. If left, this can cause mold and mildew to form, which can start to harm the shade sail. Use a soft bristled brush with water and a mild dishwashing liquid to gently buff away dirt. Avoid using strong detergents containing chemicals, which may damage the sail fabric.

Cut Back Overhanging Trees

Do you have large trees growing near to your shade sail? If yes, branches can often cause damage by scratching the fabric and dropping debris. Trim back tree branches at regular intervals to prevent this from happening.

Watch Out for Signs of Vandalism

Carpark shade sails, school shade sails and shade sails in public areas can often be targets for vandalism. Telltale signs your shade sail has been compromised include footprints, cigarette burns and rubbish left on top of the sail. If not addressed, vandalism can lead to sail safety issues. Inspect your commercial shade sail regularly and research preventative measures such as security cameras and fitting vandal deterrents.

By following these simple shade sail maintenance tips, you’ll keep it functional and beautiful for years to come. Contact Rainbow Shade for shade sail design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.