Long sunny days lounging in the garden are great. But if you don’t have sufficient shade, it’s likely you’ll end up burnt to a crisp. Luckily, there are many simple ways to shade your garden and patio area. Some ideas will need a little construction and some can be put up fast. This article will help guide you through the many options to find the best shade for you.

Custom Shade Sail

Shade sails are the perfect shade structure for your garden or patio. They are extremely adaptable and designs can be customised to your needs. Use a shade sail in your garden, over your decking, over the BBQ area, over the pool and anywhere else you need shade. Offering extreme UV protection and a long lifespan, a shade sail is a smart investment for your outdoor space.


Pavilions are permanent shade structures which need a large budget and amount of space. They are usually made from wood and can even be insulated for colder climates. Pavilions generally need to be built by an expert and can take some time to construct. A great choice if you want a permanent structure away from your main living space.


Pergolas bring shade to a garden, without completely blocking the sun. They are generally made of wood and have a latticed roof. Because of the thin latticed slats that make up the roof, rays of sun will still shine through. Pergolas are mostly permanent structures and can be attached to the side of a house or be free standing. Choose a pergola if you are ok with minimal shade.


A gazebo is a small shade structure generally made of wood, metal or plastic/polyester. Gazebos can be built permanent or put up as a semi-permanent shade option. If you have the space and budget, get a custom gazebo built in your garden to increase the usefulness of your outdoor space year round. To save money, set up a temporary gazebo in the summer months which has a metal frame and waterproof cover.

Outdoor Shade Umbrella

Outdoor shade umbrellas offer incredible value for money and can be used year round. Install one by your pool, over your car, over the garden decking or an entertainment area. Outdoor shade umbrellas are a stylish option and can be chosen in multiple colours, sizes, shapes and fabrics to suit your needs. The cantilever umbrella is a popular choice because of its ability to be rotated 360 degrees. Dine alfresco all year round under a stunning shade umbrella.