A garden can be a place to relax after a hard day, or be a bit of a nightmare if filled with overgrown weeds and critters. While we can’t come round and do the gardening for you, this article will highlight a few simple ideas to decorate your garden and turn it into a space you love being in.

Just like you style the inside of your home, the garden and patio needs the same amount of consideration. Have a think about the colours, patterns and themes you already like and these can be woven through your garden design. And don’t be afraid to add a little personality. Your outdoor space is your home and should express your individuality.

Rustic Recycled Planter Pots

Think outside the box when re-designing your garden space. Instead of rushing out to buy new pots, why not re-cycle old items like bottles and tubs to use as flower planters. Go all rustic with wooden barrels cut in half or add a little colour with patterned pots.

Install a Colourful Shade Sail

Shade sails can be bought in all shapes and sizes plus various colours and designs. Why not brighten up your garden and make it useful all year round with a stunning shade structure. Dine alfresco on those balmy evenings and get friends over for a BBQ at the weekends under your perfectly fitted shade sail. Shade sails protect you from the elements and add value to your home increasing curb appeal.

Hang Lights Through the Trees

Fairy lights strung through the trees will transform any dull area into a magical space. Just like at Christmas, twinkling lights create a warming, welcoming ambience. If you can, string solar-powered bulbs from a fence over the dining area so you can keep entertaining well into the evening.

Bring the Living Room Outdoors

Often we bring the outside in with rustic, natural furniture pieces. So, why not bring the inside out and set up comfy sofas on the patio or in the garden. While the weathers good, make the most of it by putting your feet up in the garden. If its cooler, arrange your outdoor living room around a fire pit and snuggle up with blankets.

Design a Unique Privacy Screen

There’s nothing worse than a nosy neighbour watching what you’re doing over a small fence. If this happens to you, build your own simple privacy screen from bamboo or buy a free standing lattice. Screens shield your outdoor space, while adding a little visual appeal. Add vines or plant pots to your lattice, or paint your screen in a vibrant colour for a unique look.