There’s nothing better than lounging out in the sun, a cool drink in hand and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. Australia has its fair share of sunny days and alongside the great weather, it has its fair share of extreme weather. This is why a customised shade sail is a great option for homes and businesses, to protect you no matter what the weather does.

Being stylish, versatile and extremely customisable, you can purchase a shade sail designed for your exact needs. A shade structure can protect various areas of your commercial business. Gardens, outdoor seating areas, courtyards, play areas or car parks will benefit from a robust shade sail.

Offices and Factories

Offices and factories tend to have a large workforce and a well-placed shade structure on the side of the building gives employees a place to have their break. This dedicated area helps your employees feel valued and allows them some time in the fresh air to relax. Order a unique coloured shade cloth to add a little personality to the space.


In the hot months, it’s likely your customers will want to take advantage of the outdoor seating area at your restaurant. A well placed commercial shade sail opens up your useful space and allows people to enjoy the fresh air. Get more customers into your restaurant and make more money with the use of a shade sail – it’s a win win!


Just like a larger restaurant, if you have outdoor space at your café you will want to use it. When the sun is blazing, a customised shade sail will cool your outdoor area and add a funky design element. Choose a shade sail that matches in with your brand or make a statement with contrasting colours.

Schools and Nurseries

We all know kids love to play and they usually don’t like being cooped up all day long. Outdoor play areas are needed to let off steam, go on adventures and enjoy nature. A versatile commercial shade sail is ideal to protect kids from harsh UV rays and to expand the useful play area. School shade sails can cover play equipment, create an outdoor class area or protect playgrounds.


Many bars have outdoor seating areas or whole pub gardens. If you’re lucky enough to have this open space, a commercial shade sail will add a touch of uniqueness to the entertainment area. Stylish, long-lasting and versatile, your shade sail can be made to your exact requirements. Talk to the team at Rainbow Shade who can advise you on the best options.

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