5 Awesome Benefits of Outdoor Shade Umbrellas

Do you have a beautiful outdoor space? If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or even a small yard, it’s likely you don’t use it all year round when the weather gets extreme. Maybe you live in an area with very hot summers or that is prone to a lot of rain? To extend the usefulness of your garden year round, a customised shade structure is a great investment.

Outdoor shade umbrellas are a great option being versatile and value for money. Businesses and homes can benefit from strategically placed shade umbrellas. If you own a restaurant or café, shade umbrellas can be made with your branding. Outdoor umbrellas are also great in home gardens to shade the pool, an alfresco dining area or a patio.

Use Outdoor Space in All Seasons

Umbrellas are ideal for use as a pool shade sail or patio shade sail. Once installed, you can use your outdoor space come rain or shine. Get the cocktails flowing in the summer, while staying shaded under your umbrella. As the sun moves above you, tilt your shade sail to cover you at all times.

Protect Outdoor Furniture

While you may enjoy getting a tan, your furniture won’t! The suns UV rays can actually destroy garden furniture with prolonged exposure. You may notice that cushions, chairs and tables may start to fade and dry out if not protected. A shade umbrella gives the protection your furniture needs all year round.

Shade Umbrellas Add a Decorative Element

A deck, patio, garden or pool will look better with a stylish shade umbrella. You can completely customise a shade umbrella with your own colours and even business branding. Customised shade umbrellas give your business that chic, professional look. It also allows you to maximize your useful space year round, no matter what the weather brings.

Umbrellas Can Be Rotated to Offer Shade Where You Need It

The best quality outdoor umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows you to keep shaded at different times of the day. Static shade structures may not always cover you when the sun moves.

Perfect Branding Tool for A Business

When we think of McDonalds, we think of its famous red and yellow colours. Facebook is blue and Coca Cola is red. Every business needs branding that sticks in a customer’s mind. A customised shade umbrella can be made with your brand colours and logo if needed. The more your business brands sticks in people’s minds, the more repeat and new customers you’ll get.

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