Australia is known for its sunny weather and dry, barren landscapes, often getting more than 250 days of sun a year. While having a tan is great, the extreme heat can become unbearable, forcing people to stay indoors under the air conditioning.

The good news is, Rainbow Shade create incredible residential shade sails, using an unrivalled quality of shade cloth. These shade sails allow you to enjoy your outdoor space year round, even in the intense heat or pouring rain. Let’s take look at five amazing ways to use residential shade sails.

Create an Outdoor Room

Residential shade sails give you year round useful outdoor space. How handy would an extra outdoor room be? You could make it a place to lounge, entertain friends and have legendary barbeques in. Keep cool and comfortable in your new outdoor room and enjoy all the benefits a shade sail brings.

A Protected Kids Playground

Kids love running around, no matter what the weather! So, a shade sail is a smart idea to protect their jungle gym, swings or area where play happens. Your little ones can enjoy rolling around and be protected from the suns harsh UV rays. Choose a kids shade sail in a range of fun colours and designs

Cool the Side of Your Home

The sun’s rays not only damage your skin, but can fade your home furniture, curtains, carpets and increase your bills. While shutters or blinds are an option, they often make your home feel a little dark. A residential shade is ideal, ensuring your windows are shaded while still having a view.

Keep Your Vehicles Cool and Protected

If your home doesn’t have its own garage, your vehicle may have to sit out in the sun all day. A sun exposed car is not only uncomfortable to get in, parts can fade over time. Use a carport shade sail as a low-cost, convenient way to shade your car from the extreme heat.

To Protect the Pool and Lounge Area

If you love to swim and sunbathe, you need a shaded area to recover when the sun is at its peak. If not, heat stroke and sunburn are real threats. A well placed pool and residential shade sail gives UV protection, allowing you to take breaks when needed. And not only that, shade sails add some serious style and value to your home. Choose from a range of shapes, layering techniques and colours to create serious curb appeal.