3 Types of Commercial Shade Sail and How to Use Them

Are you looking for a commercial shade sail for your business? Shade structures are a necessary investment protecting customers from UV rays in the summer months and the rain in the winter.

Commercial businesses that could benefit from a shade sail include restaurants, sports grounds, retail parks, car parks, resorts, shops, bars, outdoor pools, leisure centres and event companies. There are multiple commercial shade structures to choose from that include:

Commercial Shade Sail

Best for: restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, pool patios, resorts, kids play areas.

Commercial shade sails are a great investment for any business. The right shade sail protects your customers and keeps money coming into the business year round.

Shade sails are cost effective, long lasting and provide a high UV protection. The Z16, DRiZ and eXtreme 32 offer high shade protection and waterproof options so you’re always protected. Choose from a range of shade fabrics and colour options to suit your company logo.

Outdoor Shade Umbrella

Best for: poolside, café gardens, restaurants, leisure centres, patio, beach.

Outdoor shade umbrellas are a functional and stylish option for business use. They can be installed in an outdoor seating area, a garden, by a poolside or over a parking area. Cantilever umbrellas are popular options, because they can be rotated 360 degrees to offer shade at all times of the day.

Outdoor umbrellas offer great value for money and can be used year round to protect you from the sun and rain. The Z16 or DRiZ fabrics are commonly used for umbrellas and they can be customised to suit your business colour palette.

Cantilever Shade Structure

Best for: schools, childcare centres, council or government buildings, businesses.

Cantilever shade structures are an effective shade option for any school, business, council or childcare centre. They can be customised to suit your individual needs including colour, shape, size and shade cloth. The Extreme 32 is a great cloth option, providing a 15-year warranty and a proven reputation for longevity.

This shade structure offers exceptional strength, shade coverage and UV protection. It can cope with high stresses and will stay looking great for years to come, preserving the reputation of your business.  Shade structures protect your customers and employees from the harsh Australian sun and can even protect cars and equipment from fading.

How to Purchase a Commercial Shade Sail?

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